First Corporal of the Colombian Army was killed by a GAO ELN sniper in Arauquita.

On Saturday, June 19, troops of the Special Energy and Road Battalion No. 16, while conducting territorial control operations in the village of Santa Isabel, in the municipality of Arauquita, Arauca, were indiscriminately attacked, apparently by members of the organized armed group GAO ELN, Domingo Laín Sánz Front.

In this cowardly attack our first corporal Jhonifer Alexis Maldonado Vargas died; this hero of the homeland, a native of Neiva, had been with the institution for 11 years and had received several awards for his performance in the area of operations.

In the same incident, the professional soldier Juan Carlos Montiel Esquivel was wounded, who was immediately given first aid, and so far is recovering satisfactorily in the medical center of the municipality of Saravena.

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