Colombian Army neutralizes terrorist action in Puerto Jordán, Arauca.

One of the explosive devices launched by the criminals affected a commercial establishment where civilians were present.

Colombian Army troops carrying out security and defense operations for the civilian population in Puerto Jordán, municipality of Arauquita, Arauca, reacted in a timely manner when criminals of the residual organized armed group GAO-r Structure 10, Uriel Londoño company, cowardly attacked the civilian population with improvised explosive devices.

The criminals fled when they saw the presence of the troops and left behind three launching devices that they intended to use against the town center of Puerto Jordan; unfortunately, a fourth ramp was activated and affected a commercial establishment.

The military activated all the necessary protocols to protect the civilian population, and with anti-explosives technicians were able to deactivate and neutralize the launching devices, which were located in the middle of houses, putting the inhabitants of the sector at serious risk.

The Colombian Army strongly rejects this cowardly terrorist action and will denounce before national and international organizations this clear violation of human rights and infraction of international humanitarian law committed by this residual organized armed group in the department of Arauca.

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