600 Colombian Soldiers and members of the Police continue with firm steps in manual eradication in Guaviare, Colombia.

With a goal to date of 2,648 hectares of illicit crops eradicated in the jurisdiction of the Fourth Division, the Colombian Army is committed to continuous and determined work with almost 600 soldiers engaged in the fight against drug trafficking.

The direct perception in the area allows reviewing the progress towards the eradication goal, and corroborating the courage of soldiers and policemen who daily, regardless of the inclement weather due to the tropical rainforest of the region, constantly eradicate to meet the proposed goal, which this year is over 7000 hectares.

The illicit crops, most of which are at the service of the residual organized armed group Estructura Primera, especially the leader alias Iván Mordisco, by 2021 have had an impact of more than 14,000 million pesos, and the soldiers have also had to double their efforts due to the continuous blockades, turning their willingness to serve on the roads to support the civil authorities, without slowing down military operations, also seeking to repopulate several areas hit by drug trafficking and indiscriminate logging of timber. To date, 68 coca paste and 5 cocaine hydrochloride laboratories have been located, as well as 7982 gallons of liquid supplies and 9599 kilograms of solid elements have been seized.

General Antonio María Beltrán acknowledged soldiers and police officers who are working to contribute to eliminate the scourge of drug trafficking and all its links, as demonstrated in the joint, coordinated and inter-institutional operations to weaken the illicit finances that impede the progress of southeastern Colombia: «Let’s keep up the offensive against drug trafficking! We have highly trained soldiers always ready to protect the population. We continue to close the way to illicit drug trafficking, thanks to this effort and the strict controls exercised at checkpoints».

This work is successful not only because of the persistence of the uniformed personnel, but also because of the fortune of having man’s best friend, the four-legged heroes who, thanks to their training and ability, can detect improvised explosive devices, saving the lives not only of eradicators, but also of passersby in rural areas.

This handful of brave men are accompanied by several canines, including Canela, who for three years has been fighting the scourge of drug trafficking in the department of Guaviare, along with his canine guide, Private Llorente. This list is made up of more than thirty pairs of dogs that are currently used to support military operations against drug trafficking in different regions of the Colombian Amazon.

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