Seven presumed members of the Clan del Golfo captured, including alias Loco Negro, leader of assassins.

During the military and police operation, a minor who had been forcibly recruited by this organized armed group was also recovered.

Troops of the National Army, in a joint, coordinated and inter-institutional manner with the Navy, the Air Force, the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office, as part of the Agamemnon II Military and Police Campaign and in response to early alerts 026 and 053 of 2018, from the Ombudsman’s Office, in the last hours captured seven subjects accused of being members of the Central Turbo substructure, of the Gulf Clan, in the urban area of the municipality of Turbo, Antioquia.

Among those arrested is the alleged leader of this substructure, alias Loco Negro, wanted by the authorities for the crimes of conspiracy to commit crimes, extortion, and aggravated and aggravated robbery.

According to the competent authorities, this subject, 24 years of age, would have joined the criminal organization in 2017 as part of the targeted criminal component; due to the trust gained from other ringleaders, he was appointed as head of hitmen and finances of the Central Turbo substructure.

Also captured were the subjects known by the aliases of Moya, alias Judas, alias Keiler, alias Chivolo, alias Niño and alias Calvo; likewise, they were notified of other crimes alias Carlos Babilla, alias Cundé, alias Wilfran, alias Clipsman and alias Kevin, who are already serving sentences.

These individuals were wanted by court order for the crimes of aggravated criminal conspiracy, extortion, homicide, aggravated theft, manufacture, trafficking and carrying of firearms and manufacture or carrying of narcotics.

Firearms, ammunition, drugs and communications equipment were also seized and handed over to the authorities.

During the military and police operation, a minor who had been forcibly and deceitfully recruited by the Clan del Golfo organized armed group was also recovered. The minor was handed over to the Childhood and Adolescence Police and the Colombian Family Welfare Institute for the restoration of his rights.

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