Drug trafficking in San Andres island in Colombia; seized drugs valued at more than 66 million dollars from the Clan del Golfo.

In less than 24 hours, 2,194 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride have been seized in two operations, preventing drug trafficking organizations from receiving close to $74 million.

Thanks to the quick reaction of Colombian Navy Coast Guard units with the support of a U.S. military aircraft, a «Go Fast» type boat carrying 2,061 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride was successfully interdicted while transiting in the Caribbean Sea near the island of San Andres. The seized drugs belonged to the Organized Armed Group -GAO- «Clan del Golfo».

The speedboat with five people on board, all of Colombian nationality, was on its way to Central America when it was intercepted by a Rapid Reaction Unit -URR- of the Coast Guard of San Andres, whose crew members found 85 packages with 2,061 rectangular packages containing the illicit substance inside.

The interdiction took place thanks to operational synergy and joint work involving a Colombian Navy ocean patrol vessel and maritime patrol aircraft and a U.S. JIAFT-S aircraft, air and naval means that helped locate the contact and guide the Coast Guard’s Rapid Reaction Units -URR- to the interdiction point.

The vessel was taken to the main dock of the Coast Guard Station of San Andres, where personnel of the Technical Investigation Corps -CTI- of the Attorney General’s Office conducted the Homologated Preliminary Identification Test -PIPH-, which yielded a positive result for cocaine hydrochloride. A 9 mm pistol, 14 cartridges of the same caliber, two suppliers, cellular and satellite phones and a GPS were also seized.

The narcotics, the five captured and the seized material were handed over to officials of the Attorney General’s Office.

With this hard blow to the drug trafficking organizations, the Colombian and U.S. Armed Forces managed to prevent more than 66 million dollars, the price of the illegal drugs on the international market, from entering the financial structures of criminal groups operating outside the law. Likewise, with this seizure the Caribbean Naval Force adds more than 69 tons of cocaine hydrochloride seized so far this year.

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