Colombian Army and Governor’s Office of Valle del Cauca support producers in the Area.

Around 15 tons of food were sold at the farmers’ market held at the Canchas Panamericanas in Cali, benefiting more than 160 producer families from different municipalities in Valle.

Colombian Army, in coordination with the departmental government, supported the farmers’ market that began at 6:00 a.m., allowing Cali homes to be supplied with fresh products and with the aim of boosting the economy of the region, through the direct sale of typical products of the region without intermediaries.

Farmers from municipalities such as Dagua, La Cumbre, Jamundí, Ginebra, Cerrito, among others, also participated in the event; farmers from the rural area of Cali offered bananas, plantains, bananas, tomatoes, cilantro, coffee, cheese and avocado.

The Colombian Army will continue working hand in hand with the institutional framework to contribute to the reconstruction of the social fabric, through commercial meetings to forge business relationships and facilitate marketing channels for small producers in the regions.

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