After maritime chases, authorities seized alkaloid valued at $150 million dollars

These results prevented the distribution and commercialization of more than eleven million doses of cocaine.

In the course of four maritime operations as part of the frontal fight against drug trafficking, authorities from Panama, Costa Rica and the United States, guided by intelligence information from the Colombian Navy, seized 4,479 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride that were being transported aboard go-fast boats to Costa Rica.

The first result was achieved after a chase in waters near the Bahía Escribanos sector, located in the province of Colón (Panama), where the pressure exerted by the units of the National Air and Naval Service -SENAN- forced the crew members of the suspicious vessel to flee. A total of 1,848 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride were found inside the vessel.

The second operation, also carried out by Panamanian naval air units in coordination with U.S. surface units, managed to intercept a go fast boat sailing north of Isla Grande in the province of Colon (Panama), where four Colombians were on board carrying 620 kilograms of illicit substance.

Likewise, in the third operation, SENAN units managed to interdict a vessel moving at high speeds north of Playa Chiquita, Colon (Panama). During the inspection, 570 kilograms of narcotics were found, for which two Colombians and a Honduran were captured.

The last event took place in Costa Rican waters, 17 nautical miles from Puerto Limón, where units of the Costa Rican Coast Guard were deployed in a timely manner and managed to intercept a motor vessel carrying 1441 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride. The four crew members of the boat, two Colombians and two Costa Ricans, were captured.

With these seizures, thanks to the intelligence of the Colombian Navy and the coordinated work between countries in the region, 11,197,500 doses of cocaine were prevented from being marketed in Central America, thus impacting the finances of illegal groups by more than 150 million dollars and 11 individuals were captured, eight Colombians, two Costa Ricans and one Honduran.

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