Colombian Military Forces found 17.11 cubic meters of illegal wood in Guaviare.

Troops of the land, river and air component of this unit of the Colombian Armed Forces have found 345 cubic meters of timber so far this year.

Colombian armed troops of the fluvial and land component of the Omega Joint Task Force, working in coordination with the Corporation for the Sustainable Development of the Northern and Eastern Amazon (CDA), based on information provided by the Civic Participation Network of the Region, managed to locate this material that had been indiscriminately felled in the Amazon biome.

The illegal exploitation of natural resources is typified in article 328 of the Colombian Penal Code, contributing to the International Convention on Biological Biodiversity, which was signed by 150 government leaders at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, dedicated to promoting sustainable development in the countries party to the Convention.

The Omega Joint Task Force will continue to carry out joint, coordinated and inter-institutional military operations, with the objective of counteracting the illegal exploitation of renewable natural resources and criminal phenomena, especially damage to the environment in this part of the Colombian Amazon region.

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