Colombian Police achieved the dismantling of a group dedicated to the illegal gambling trade in the municipality of Pailitas.  

The investigations carried out by the SIJIN, allowed the identification of this common organized group called «La Real Sociedad», who were arrested in flagrancy in different commercial sectors of the aforementioned locality, which resulted in the capture of two women and three men.these operations began in the neighborhood La Cumbre, where five people were arrested, in the sector of La Esperanza, who were exercising their commercial activity without the authorization of the gambling regulatory entity Coljuegos.

Once these proceedings were carried out, they were informed of their rights as detainees and later they were placed at the disposal of the 17th Local Prosecutor’s Office of Pailitas, for the crime of illicit exercise of monopolistic activity of rental arbitrage. The Colombian penal code establishes that whoever in any way or by any means exercises an activity established as monopoly of rent arbitrage, without the respective authorization, permit or contract, or uses unofficial elements or game modalities, will incur in prison from six (6) to eight (8) years and a fine of five hundred (500) to one thousand (1,000) legal monthly minimum wages in force.

The penalty shall be increased by one third when the conduct is committed by a private individual who is a concessionaire, legal representative or legally authorized entrepreneur for the exploitation of a rent monopoly, and up to one half, when it is committed by a public servant of any entity holding a rent monopoly or whose purpose is the exploitation or administration of this.

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