Colombian Army found explosives in a vehicle belonging to the National Protection Unit which manages the protection scheme of an indigenous leader in Cauca.

The car was assigned to the protection scheme of a leader of the Peasant Association (ASOC) of the municipality of Caloto, Cauca.
In the course of territorial control tasks and through a checkpoint on the road of the Alto El Palo village, in the municipality of Caloto, in the north of the department of Cauca, National Army troops detained three individuals who were transporting five improvised explosive devices in a vehicle.

The events occurred when the uniformed officers noticed that the driver of the vehicle made a maneuver that generated suspicion. For this reason, they stopped the vehicle, inside which there were three subjects, one of whom identified himself with a card that accredited him as an official of the National Protection Unit; another was identified as a former member of the FARC, and who apparently were on their way to the burial of alias Cejas, leader of the commission of the residual organized armed group Estructura Sexta Dagoberto Ramos Ortiz.

The soldiers proceeded to inspect the car, where they found a bag containing high explosive material of high destructive power.

At the moment of taking these subjects to carry out the corresponding judicial procedures, a large number of people, apparently from the sector, carried out an assault against the troops, and took away the vehicle and the three detainees, but not the explosive material, which was finally handed over to the competent authorities.

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