Yes to the construction of agreements, but not with de blockades of roads or with the affectation of the rights of an entire nation: President Duque

In a space for dialogue, this Sunday in Pereira, with authorities, productive sector and representatives of the academia of the Eje Cafetero and northern Valle, President Iván Duque Márquez reaffirmed his willingness to build agreements, but was also emphatic in condemning the de facto ways and threats in the framework of demonstrations, because these affect the rights of all Colombians.

«Yes to the possibility of building agreements, of course! But not by de facto means, not with threats, not with blockades, not with the affectation of the rights of an entire nation», stressed the Head of State at the conclusion of the day of dialogue in this capital.

Likewise, he defended the right to free circulation of Colombians in all regions, and affirmed that with the blockades the right to supply is also being violated.

«We will always assert the rights of an entire nation, and that is why we are here today, in this community, to say that we are going to accompany them, because it is not to favor a businessman, it is not to favor a business, it is not to favor a sector. Free circulation is fundamental for the exercise of the rights of all Colombians», said the President, who added that free supply is also fundamental for the rights of Colombians.

In this sense, he pointed out that for the future of the country we cannot give in to intimidation.

«This has to be a path. For today, for tomorrow, for the future of our country: yes to the construction of agreements, but no to intimidation through de facto means, because that would be a harmful precedent for the future of our country», emphasized the Head of State.

In this regard, he reaffirmed: «If today, as a society, we allow blockades and the affectation of rights to become a basis for negotiation, barter or transaction with any type of government level, this situation will only be worse for the future of the country».

The President also emphasized that during the dialogue space there was a vehement rejection to the blockades by governors, mayors and businessmen who participated.

«The testimonies of the mayors, the governors, the private sector, in unison, in unison, all saying no more blockades. And we also heard it from the members of the Congress of the Republic, where the public policies of our country are discussed. We cannot block the path of the institutions», he said.

In this context, he said that «the Congress deliberates, proposes, debates, carries out initiatives. The Government can propose them or they can also come from other sectors of society. That is what the institutions are for, so that we can have the discussion within the institutions». macos/deepLFree.translatedWithDeepL.text

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