Two soldiers were killed by the activation of an explosive from the GAOr-33 in Tibú.

Two soldiers were killed following the activation of a GAOr-33 explosive device in Tibú.

In morning hours, while the troops were carrying out operations to protect the population of the village of La Gabarra, municipality of Tibú, Norte de Santander, an improvised explosive device was activated, apparently by members of the Residual Organized Armed Group (GAOr-33).

As a result of the explosive wave, two of our heroes lost their lives, professional soldier Luis Miguel Sola Medina and professional soldier Eduardo Jesús Velasco Altamar. Professional soldier Manuel Villareal Martínez was also wounded in the incident and was evacuated urgently and is currently receiving specialized care in a medical center in the city of Cúcuta.

In an alternate manner and in compliance with established protocols, in the Mesa Rica village, in the jurisdiction of the municipality of Convención, the troops located and deactivated an improvised explosive device that had been placed inside a cylinder, with which they intended to attack the community.

This action demonstrates that the Organized Armed Groups continue to indiscriminately place explosive devices to attack the humanity of the civilian population and the troops.

We categorically rejected this criminal action that flagrantly violates Human Rights and infringes International Humanitarian Law.

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