Colombian Army hits criminal finances of GAO-ELN and GAOr-E33 to the tune of more than $10 billion pesos

The illegal alkaloid processing complex had a production capacity of more than one and a half tons of cocaine hydrochloride per month.

San José de Cúcuta, May 15, 2021. In a joint military operation with the Air Force, coordinated with the National Police and inter-institutional with the CTI of the Attorney General’s Office, National Army troops were able to locate and destroy a complex for the production of cocaine hydrochloride, apparently belonging to the Residual Organized Armed Group (GAOr) – E33 and the GAO-ELN, valued at more than 10 billion pesos.

The military action took place in the village of Pacheli, in the municipality of Tibú – Norte de Santander, where the troops dismantled the laboratory for processing cocaine hydrochloride, the large illegal structure in question had a production capacity of more than one ton of narcotics per month, which represented a total of US$ 2,728,979 dollars for its illegal financial scaffolding, which at the Colombian peso exchange rate corresponds to $ 10,174,400,000 million pesos.

In the place the troops also found 445 kilograms of solid inputs, 2,582 gallons of liquid inputs, different machines and equipment that were used for the processing and distribution of these alkaloids throughout the region of Catatumbo.

It should be noted that for the operation of this illegal structure it was necessary; one (1) martian, one (1) worm, one (1) electric plant, three (3) microwave ovens, one (1) transformer, one (1) press, seven (7) drying tables, four (4) tanks with a capacity to store one thousand liters and 17 tanks with a capacity to store 55 gallons.

After verification of the material and structures, the destruction was carried out in a controlled manner to avoid damage to the environment.

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