Captured alias «Pollo» leader of Clan del Golfo in Chocó in Colombia.

Units of the Colombian Navy in a coordinated operation with the National Police and inter-institutional with the Attorney General’s Office, carried out the arrest of alias «Pollo», alleged leader of the armed component of the Pacific substructure of the Organized Armed Group «Clan del Golfo» and captured in flagrante delicto three other subjects apparently belonging to the same structure, in the sector known as Patajoná, approximately 22 kilometers from the town center of the municipality of Juradó, Chocó.

The operation was developed thanks to the intelligence work carried out by the Colombian Navy in the area and allowed to surprise and capture these individuals in a house in the sector without affecting their life or physical integrity. During the operation, war material was seized, including four 9 mm caliber pistols, ammunition and ammunition and suppliers for pistols and rifles, supplies, two drones, communications equipment, four cell phones and narcotic substances.

According to intelligence, this organized armed group would be using drones, with a range of approximately five kilometers, as a new modality to carry out criminal intelligence on its area of influence and evade the actions of the security forces, which constantly carry out operations in that sector.

Alias «Pollo» would be in charge of the security of the fluvial and maritime mobility corridors and roads used to transport food, weapons and narcotics, for which this organized armed group would have territorial disputes with other criminal structures to maintain control of illicit economies, for which they would be allegedly responsible for the forced displacement of Afro-descendant and indigenous communities living in the coastal municipalities of the department of Chocó, while they would be involved in different criminal activities such as selective murders, extortion and armed constraint.

The captured personnel and the seized material were handed over to the competent authorities.

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