Terrorist attack leaves 3 soldiers killed on Paz de Ariporo road in Colombia.

In the morning of November 3, 2021, Colombian soldiers who were carrying out a control of the area in the area of Paz de Ariporo and while returning from their work, found a presumed traffic accident on the road.

The soldiers stopped and proceeded to help the civilian population, verifying the situation in order to help the people possibly injured in the accident.

While the soldiers were inspecting the vehicle and possible wounded, an explosive device was activated, killing Corporal Edison Manuel Prada, 34 years old. The corporal was married and was from the municipality of San Jose de Cucuta.

Private Ignacio de Dios, 20 years old, was also killed and Private Brayan Esteban Morales, 19 years old, was also killed.

A civilian was also killed in the explosion and 4 members of the army were seriously wounded. Two more civilians were wounded and evacuated in Army aircraft.

This is in violation of international humanitarian law.

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