Narcotics shipment seizure in Valle del Cauca exceeds $45 million.

In the course of three maritime interdiction operations carried out simultaneously along the coast of the department of Valle del Cauca, Colombian Navy units managed to intercept three vessels carrying more than 1.8 tons of narcotics. With this forceful blow, the trafficking, circulation and consumption of 3,170,092 doses of narcotic substances in countries of the region was prevented. It is estimated that the finances of the FARC dissident group «Structure 30» were affected by approximately 45 million dollars.

Intelligence information from the Colombian Navy and the permanent deployment of sea control operations carried out by the Rapid Reaction Units of the Buenaventura Coast Guard Station, allowed the detection of a go fast boat manned by three individuals, when they were moving in a suspicious manner, in the general area of the central Pacific. After several minutes of pursuit, the boat was interdicted and 623 kilograms of cocaine and 636 kilograms of marijuana, communication equipment and 1,195 gallons of fuel were found.

At the same time, in a second maritime interdiction operation in the same area, a boat manned by two individuals was intercepted. During the inspection, the Coast Guard Unit crew members detected a double bottom in the vessel where 260 kilograms of cocaine were hidden.

Complementing the operational effort, a third boat was intercepted, which minutes before, apparently, had sailed from a sector near Buenaventura, in which two subjects were moving 342 kilograms of cocaine under the double-bottom modality.

The three boats, the seized narcotics and the Colombian nationals were taken to the Buenaventura Coast Guard Station, where officials from the Technical Investigation Corps of the Attorney General’s Office conducted preliminary identification tests, which were positive for a total of 1,225 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride and 636 kilograms of marijuana.

The seven men were captured and placed at the disposal of the competent authorities, before whom they will have to answer for the crime of trafficking, manufacture or carrying of narcotics.

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