Financial hit to GAOr 10th structure . In the last hours, Colombian Army and the Police seized 50 plastic containers with 55 gallons of ACPM.

In a first military operation of territorial control developed in a checkpoint coordinated with the Tax and Customs Police in the municipality of Arauca, the capture of a Venezuelan national was achieved, who was transporting 10 plastic containers with a capacity of 55 gallons of ACPM in three motorcycles.

When the Military Units verified the merchandise, it was evidenced that they did not have the corresponding documentation for its legality and it was proved that it was brought from the neighboring country of Venezuela.

In a second operation, thanks to intelligence work, it was possible to locate an illegal hydrocarbon deposit that was installed in the village of Las Plumas, municipality of Arauca. In that place, 40 more containers were found that also contained ACPM.

These containers, with a storage capacity of 55 gallons each, are valued at approximately more than 14 million pesos and would be used as a method of financing by the residual organized armed group Tenth Structure, Martin Villa.