Colombian Navy thwarted new extortion case carried out by criminals from prisons.

Colombian Navy thwarts new case of extortion carried out by criminals from prisons
This is the third case dealt with by the Colombian Navy in the Colombian Caribbean this year.

The Colombian Navy managed to prevent a psychologist and his family from being victims of extortion under the modality of false service. The health professional was contacted by criminals who pretended to be officials of a company that required his professional services in the rural area of the village of Juan Arias in the municipality of Magangué – Bolívar, to carry out a psychological profiling of the company’s personnel.

When the 55 year-old man arrived at the place, he received a call from the subjects who threatened to kill him if he used his cell phone to contact his relatives or the authorities. At the same time, the criminals called his wife to whom they demanded the sum of 25 million pesos for his release.

The Colombian Navy was alerted of the situation and immediately deployed units of the Gaula Militar Sucre, the Gaula Militar Bolivar and troops of the Marine Infantry Fluvial Battalion No. 17 attached to the Marine Infantry Brigade No. 1 of the Caribbean Naval Force, who saved the life of the professional.

The Naval Institution reiterates to the citizens that this modality is carried out by criminals from prisons, who collect personal information from the victims and once they agree to their requests, they intimidate them with the threat of ending their lives, so they are invited to remain alert and ignore this extortion modality.

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